Elon Musk issues open letter to Twitter advertisers, cautioning against spam

Musk recently tweeted out an open letter which includes some of his future plans for Twitter and the direction he'd like to take the site in.


With Elon Musk set to complete his $44 billion Twitter acquisition, he’s taken to the site to share an open letter with information on why he decided to acquire the social media platform, including hopes of steering the site away from becoming an echo chamber.

Musk goes on to talk about how he bought Twitter to “try to help humanity” and how feels there’s a danger that social media will splinter into “far right wing and far left wing” echo chambers. He also points to traditional media’s “relentless pursuit of clicks” as being among the issues fueling and catering to those polarizing extremes.

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Continuing, Musk cautions advertisers against spam in his open letter, while touching upon ambitions of making Twitter “the most respected advertising platform in the world.”

Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see how Musk and his team go about tackling the issues brought up in his open letter, including the implementation of more personalized ads as opposed to those viewed as spam. For more on Musk’s Twitter plans, be sure to read through his open letter in full.

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