Phillips announces Evnia line of upcoming gaming monitors & peripherals

The Phillips Evnia line will serve as the company's new gaming brand as it prepares to launch matching gaming monitors, mice, and keyboards.

Image by Phillips

Phillips has been in the tech industry for a long time with products ranging from TVs, to VCRs, to a very poor performing gaming system one time. That said, it looks like the company is once again taking interest in the gaming world, albeit with monitors and accessories this time. Phillips has announced the Evnia line, which will serve as its new gaming brand, and it is expected to launch gaming-focused monitors, mice, and keyboards under the new Evnia name.

Phillips announced its Evnia gaming brand via a reveal on its website on October 20, 2022. According to a Phillips spokesperson, the literal Greek Evnia, or Εύνοια, translates to "good in mind," and the brand will utilize the mantra “show interest to protect and support someone or something.” As for what this means for products, there are monitors, mice, and keyboards coming under the Evnia line that will fall into 5000, 7000, and 8000 classifications. Among them is a 42-inch, flat-screen OLED gaming monitor, which will feature 138Hz, a 0.1ms response, and HDMI 2.1. At the lower, more affordable end, a 27-inch curved VA screen is also in the works.

Phillips Evnia line of peripherals in development.
Phillips has plans for keyboards, mice, headsets, and monitors in the Evnia line, coming in 2023.
Source: Phillips

Alongside its gaming monitors, Phillips’ Evnia line will also feature a rollout of two types of gaming mice, two types of gaming keyboards, and two types of audio headsets. If you have multiple products in the Evnia line, you can sync and manage their features through the new Phillips Precision Center app. It allows you to fiddle with RGB lighting, create settings profiles, and fine-tune certain features of the Phillips Evnia products to your liking.

It will remain to be seen if the Phillips Evnia brand can compete properly with the more established brands like Razer and SteelSeries, but we’ll find out soon enough as the first Evnia products hit shelves around early 2023

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