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Mario Party 1 & 2 join Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack in November

The first two Mario Party games are the latest to join the Nintendo 64 Switch Online library.


Mario Party kicked off an interesting series of Nintendo games, showing you who your real friends are and how much they can backstab you to get the stars and win the game. Jokes aside, it’s a fun series and has gone on to have sequels in the double digits. Now, the first two games in the Mario Party series are coming to Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 library on the Expansion Pack. Players will be able to play Mario Party and Mario Party 2 offline and online with friends in November.

Nintendo announced the upcoming addition of Mario Party and Mario Party 2 to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack with a new trailer on October 20, 2022. It reintroduces fans and players to where the Mario Party series began and invites players with the Expansion Pass to check out Mario Party 1 and 2 in the Nintendo Switch Online N64 library on November 2, 2022. Players will also be able to play either offline or online with friends thanks to Nintendo Switch Online’s multiplayer capabilities.

Mario Party 1 on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass
Released in 1999, Mario Party and its sequel Mario Party 2 will be available on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack's N64 library in November.
Source: Nintendo

The first Mario Party came out in February 1999, marking a major new chapter for Mario games. It brought us the mini-game marathon in which players travel various board-game styled levels in an effort to gather coins and earn Super Stars. The player will the most stars at the end wins the game, which meant a lot of devious schemes, heartbreak, and triumph as players attempted to yoink every precious start they could.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack has been an interesting endeavor for Nintendo as it brings its N64 library to online play. We’ve seen Banjo-Kazooie, GoldenEye 007, Wave Race 64 and many others come to the library. With Mario Party 1 and 2 joining the fun, it looks like players with the Expansion Pack will have even more fun to check out in November.

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