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Capcom kills mod that allowed Street Fighter 6 beta participants to keep playing

Players figured out how to play Street Fighter 6 on PC after the beta ended, so Capcom removed access to the game's executable file.

Image via Capcom

The Street Fighter 6 closed beta test has come and gone, and a lot of fun times were had. It left many players craving more… and so some players figured out exactly how to play more, at least on PC, and up until Capcom found out and shut it down. A mod that allowed players to access offline modes in Street Fighter 6 even after the beta has been killed by Capcom simply removing the executable file from the beta version of the game.

The recent situation with Street Fighter 6 and particularly its beta client on PC was reported via GamesRadar+. After the Street Fighter 6 beta ended, players wanted to keep playing. Some modders figured out a way to do it, at least offline. A mod made the beta’s offline modes accessible again, including training and Vs CPU matches. With it, players on PC were continuing to explore Street Fighter 6 as much as they could, until word got around to Capcom. As of today, Capcom released a new update for the Street Fighter 6 beta client which removed the executable file on Steam. That means no starting the game anymore.

Street Fighter 6 with Kimberly vs Luke
Modders made a workaround to access Street Fighter 6's offline modes in the beta, so Capcom had to remove files for the game from Steam.
Source: Capcom

Capcom has had a few issues with leaks and various other things slipping through the cracks with Street Fighter 6. Fortunately, it’s not because the game is broken or anything. Actually, it was incredibly fun in the beta and had fighting fans across the community chomping at the bit to play more. We certainly had our share of fun in the beta and we were impressed by features such as the character creator and option for players to select their own stages for online play, regardless of what the opponent picks.

Unfortunately, playing after the beta is not what Capcom intended and it has put a stop to that for now. PC players will just have to wait for the next Street Fighter 6 event like the rest of us. Until then, we can always argue over whether or not the new Drive Impact mechanic is overpowered.

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