Steam Deck and Dock now available without a reservation

Both the Steam Deck and its Docking Station are available to buy now without needing to make a reservation first.


Since the announcement of the Steam Deck in 2021 and its eventual launch back in February of this year, the handheld gaming device has been available for purchase only to those who’ve previously made a reservation. Now, it’s been revealed today that both the Steam Deck and its Docking Station accessory are available for purchase with no reservation required.

As noted by the Steam Deck account on Twitter, you can order a Steam Deck or Docking Station right now and have it shipped out to you straight away. Well, not exactly straight away but on the website the estimated delivery times are anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks for all Steam Deck models as well as the Docking Station.

This process will undoubtedly be quicker than how it’s been previously in making a reservation, waiting for the opportunity to buy the Steam Deck with that reservation in place, and then waiting for the Deck to be shipped out afterwards.

In addition to the news that the Steam Deck and Docking Station are available for purchase without a reservation, Dock details along with a plethora of new software features were shared in a short video clip. In the video, details about the Dock that were pointed out include how it offers 3 USB 3.1 ports and a USB-C power port, along with gigabit internet, display, and HDMI ports.

Complementing the Dock are software updates such as improvements to docked mode. Other software updates include the rollout of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean on-screen keyboards, more responsive handheld typing, improvements to Steam input, redesigned virtual menus, redesigned mode shifting, and a more stable offline mode.

For more on the latest updates on Steam Deck including the device’s availability without a reservation, check out the video included in the Steam Deck tweet. For more on Steam Deck, check out the device’s official website, and read through some of our previous coverage including Valve reaffirming that Steam Deck will be a multi-generational product line, and our review of the Steam Deck at launch.

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