Metro Exodus animator Andrii Korzinkin killed while fighting for Ukraine

One of the animators who worked on Metro Exodus at Ukrainian studio 4A Games passed away during a combat mission while fighting to defend Ukraine.


The war in Ukraine has been raging throughout 2022 as Ukrainians continue to fight and defend their country from Russian invasion. Among those fighting in the war was animator Andrii 'Nizrok' Korzinkin who recently passed away during a combat mission.

The industry has since come together to collectively mourn Korzinkin, sharing past memories along with examples of his work while at Ukrainian studio 4A Games. While at 4A Games, Korzinkin served as an animator working on games like Metro Exodus. The news of Korzinkin’s passing was first shared to social media by Remedy Entertainment gameplay designer, Leonid Stepanov.

"Andrii 'Nizrok' Korzinkin (@korzinkin_3d) died while performing a combat mission in the struggle for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine," tweeted Stepanov. "A talented animator, incredible person and real hero. Rest in peace, friend. We all miss you."

In speaking with PC Gamer, Stepanov explained that he became aware of Korzinkin’s passing through a post on LinkedIn from a mutual friend. Stepanov also touches on befriending Korzinkin after he joined 4A Games and that Korzinkin was responsible for a lot of animation at the studio for everything from characters to cutscenes. Korzinkin went on to tell PC Gamer that the two got to know one another better while working on common tasks.

Countless others have taken to social media to pay their respects as well, including Korzinkin’s colleagues at 4A Games including fellow animator Serhii Krystiev who tweeted about the passing of their friend and noting there are no words adequate to describe the loss.

On LinkedIn, technical design lead on Metro Exodus, Vitalii Keda, wrote about Korzinkin and how he was an awesome human being, supportive, whose positive attitude got them fueled up to keep going.

We join those mourning the loss of Andrii Korzinkin, his passing is tragic and heartbreaking. For more on Korzinkin’s passing, be sure to read through the full article from PC Gamer with conversations with those who knew Korzinkin. For more on the war in Ukraine check out some of our previous coverage as well including a list of organizations you can donate to in support of Ukraine, and how the Bundle for Ukraine surpassed its $2,000,000 goal.

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