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Unboxing & review: Snacks & lollies from Australia

Greg and Nicole unbox and eat a collection of Aussie goodies for your viewing pleasure.


It’s a special day whenever someone from overseas (that’s right, you are all overseas from my perspective) gets to eat delicious Australian snacks. In order to give Shacknews Head of Video Production’s Greg Burke a bit of taste from down under, I sent him a care package containing a wealth of Aussie snacks. He took the opportunity to film an unboxing video where he eats and reviews a variety of goodies. Take a look at the video below.

For those Australians playing along at home, the care package I sent Greg contained some classics. Fun-sized bags of Shapes were included in order to get more variety in. They got to sample the ultimate flavor: Chicken Crimpy. There was also Barbecue, Pizza, and the newer Vegemite, Sausage Sizzle and Meat Pie flavors. According to Greg and Nicole, Twisties have a subtle flavor with hints of parmesan. Greg also gave these savoury snacks the resounding review of, “I don’t want to eat any of these. I’d rather have Cheez-It.”

On the sweet side of things, I offered up Fantales, Minties, Allen’s lollies Retro Party Mix, Iced VoVos (which received some horrendous slander I shan’t repeat here), Cherry Ripe, Violet Crumble, Picnics, and of course, Tim Tams. It should come as no surprise that the chocolate scored highly, especially the Tim Tams.

As someone who’s grown up with these snacks, it’s certainly interesting hearing what someone else thinks of them. I certainly wasn’t expecting the flavors to be considered subtle! For more unboxing videos like the one you just watched, head on over to the Shacknews YouTube channel. If you’re in the mood for some developer interviews, you can find them on our GamerHubTV channel. What snacks would you send to your international friends? Let us know!

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