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PC keybindings & controls - Overwatch 2

Here is an overview of the main Overwatch 2 keybindings and mouse buttons for Overwatch 2 on PC.


Overwatch 2 features its own set of PC keybindings and controls that can be customized to suit various playstyles. Players will need to know what the default controls are first before making any adjustments. If you are looking for the PC keybindings and controls for Overwatch 2, you’ve come to the right place.

Overwatch 2 PC Keybindings

The various controls and keybindings in Overwatch 2

Source: Shacknews
Default controls for PC keybindings in Overwatch 2

Source: Shacknews

Below you will find a list of the default keybindings and mouse controls for Overwatch 2 on PC. Although there are several additional communication options available along with spectate and replay controls, we have pared down the PC keybindings to those with default keys assigned and that are most relevant to gameplay. There are also several sensitivity sliders as well as advanced reticle settings that would need to be adjusted in-game.

Overwatch 2 also offers hero-specific keybinding customization, allowing players to adjust the keybindings to suit different playstyles and roles. Select the Change Hero button on the right side of the controls settings to change the keybindings for a specific hero.

Keyboard & Mouse Controls - Overwatch 2
Command Key
Forward W
Back S
Left A
Right D
Crouch Left Control
Toggle Crouch (empty)
Jump Space
Weapons & Abilities
Ability 1 Left Shift
Ability 2 E
Ability 3 Q
Interact F
Primary Fire Left Mouse Button
Secondary Fire Right Mouse Button
Equip Weapon 1 1
Equip Weapon 2 2
Quick Melee V
Reload R
Next Weapon Mouse Wheel Up
Previous Weapon Mouse Wheel Down
Endorse Players N
Hero Information F1
Hero Select H
Scoreboard Tab
Social Menu O
Social Menu Channels P
Capture Highlight F9
Custom Games
Custom Game Lobby L
Moderator - Pause Game Ctrl+Shift+=
Open Workshop Editor (Empty)
Open Workshop Inspector (Empty)
Restart Custom Game (Empty)
Take Screenshot Print Screen
Toggle FPS Display Ctrl+Shift+R
Toggle Netgraph Ctrl+Shift+N
Toggle UI Alt+Z
Text Chat
All Chat (Empty)
Hide Chat Ctrl+Shift+C
Open Chat Enter
Reply to Whisper Backspace
Team Chat (Empty)
Voice Chat
Push to Talk `
Toggle Mic Mute M
Communication Menu C
Need Healing/Help X
Ultimate Status Z
Spray Menu Y
Spray (Up) T

Overwatch 2 gives players plenty of room to customize the controls for each hero. Now that you know the default controls and keybindings for Overwatch 2 on PC, you can tinker with some of the advanced settings and additional communication options to further customize the controls to your liking. Check out our Overwatch 2 page for more information on the game and its features.

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