Deathverse: Let It Die releases today on PlayStation consoles

The game will slice and dice its way to PC via Steam on October 5.


Deathverse: Let It Die, the multiplayer melee-focused battle royale from the former Grasshopper Manufacture turned Supertrick Games developers has officially released today for PlayStation consoles. The game is available right now, for free, on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and will be available on PC via Steam next week on October 5.

In addition to the game’s release, a trailer for Season 1 also dropped today that shows players some of the excitement they can look forward to in the game, particularly in regards to cosmetic items. While the game has a pretty thorough tutorial, Supertrick Games also released a gameplay walkthrough yesterday that’ll further help players understand the ins and outs of Deathverse.

Screenshot from Deathverse: Let It Die showing two players fighting amid the game's dystopian battle royale setting.
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While other battle royale games typically populate matches with a large number of players, Deathverse is a little different in that players will compete in a more self-contained 16-player survival-focused battle arena. There, they’ll not only need to defend themselves from other players and work to be the last player standing, but will also need to keep an eye out for PvE map hazards as well like Hunters and Cryptids, with Deathverse described as a PvPvE type game.

For fans of Let It Die, Deathverse is set in the same world but isn’t a direct “Let It Die 2” type sequel which is something that was emphasized in some of our previous coverage, including in an interview with the game’s director, Hideyuki Shin. Deathverse also features a funky soundtrack courtesy of composer Akira Yamaoka, and a fun dystopian TV show premise.

For more on Deathverse, be sure to read through our interview with Hideyuki Shin on why Deathverse isn’t Let It Die 2, and our interview with Akira Yamaoka on the funky approach to the Deathverse soundtrack.

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