How to expand inventory slots - Disney Dreamlight Valley

You're going to find dozens of items in Disney Dreamlight Valley and you'll eventually need more inventory space to hold it all. Here's how to expand your Backpack.


If there's one thing that becomes apparent after several hours in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it's that there are a whole lot of items. There are a lot of items. You're only one person, so chances are that you're going to run out of inventory space sooner than later. You're inevitably going to find yourself encumbered, so here's how to up your inventory space.

How to expand inventory slots - Disney Dreamlight Valley

Inventory is full in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Your inventory slots in Disney Dreamlight Valley will be used to hold pretty much anything in Disney Dreamlight Valley. That includes fruits, vegetables, prepared meals, fish, gems, flowers, and even the most basic of items: stones. You only get 21 inventory slots to start out, but will quickly discover that this isn't nearly enough.

It's possible to up your inventory by seven slots at a time, but this is going to cost you. In fact, you can expand your Backpack to have up to 42 inventory slots, but the cost of expansion is going to rise every time. Here's what you're looking at:

  • 28-Slot Backpack: 5,000 Star Coins
  • 35-Slot Backpack: 20,000 Star Coins
  • 42-Slot Backpack: 50,000 Star Coins

YEEOWCH! That's an astronomical number of Star Coins. The kicker to this story is that even with 42 inventory slots, you're going to become encumbered sooner or later, especially as you discover new food ingredients, crops, fish, materials, and anything else that comes with unlocking newer lands in the late game. Remember that Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently in early access, so there's always a chance that the number of inventory slots could eventually increase before the release of the full game.

At this point, you're going to have to start thinking about what to keep in your personal storage. The personal storage at your house will contain only seven inventory slots. That isn't a lot at all. However, this number can also be increased.

Opening the Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Raise your friendship level with Scrooge McDuck up to Level 2 and complete Scrooge McDuck's Grand Re-opening, which will unlock the Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 quest. Complete the first part of the quest and sell some gems to Goofy. Once that's over, return to Scrooge and he'll give you the ability to expand your house. Put aside some Star Coins so that you can expand your house. As you expand your house, you'll also expand the number of inventory slots in your personal storage. Your first house upgrade will bump your storage space up to 14, while your second will double that to 28.

Crafting a Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Is that still not enough space? Good lord, how much storage space does one person need? Very well, hoarder, if there's more you would like to put away for a later use, you can simply craft a Chest using a workbench. All you need is 25 Softwood and 25 Stone. A Chest will have an additional 14 item slots. If you need more than that, just craft another one. There's no limit to the number of Chests you can have in your house.

That's how you up your inventory space in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Hopefully, Gameloft will grant players additional Backpack space down the road. We'll look for any updates here at Shacknews. Keep it here as we continue to explore Disney Dreamlight Valley for more guides.

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      I have to say, managing stock space can be quite a task in this game. With so many items to collect, it's convenient to run out of space quickly. I've personally determined myself encumbered numerous times, struggling to decide what to preserve and what to leave behind, for example this:

      The article suggests that you can expand your backpack by using purchasing larger backpacks with Star Coins. However, be organized for the hefty price tag associated with these expansions. The price increases significantly with every upgrade. Even with a 42-slot backpack, you might still locate yourself running out of area as you progress further in the game.

      Fortunately, there are different options available. By raising your friendship stage with Scrooge McDuck and completing specific quests, you can extend your house and unlock extra storage slots. Crafting chests is another great option, offering you with extra storage space for your hoarding needs.

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