Ted Lasso & AFC Richmond are coming to FIFA 23

Get motivated with the latest cameos coming to FIFA 23.


If there's one thing that can be counted on from an EA Sports title, it's the occasional random cameo. There isn't a lot that has been memorable about the Madden series lately, but it's hard to forget cameos from Snoop Dogg and Rob Schneider. Those sure are things that happened. It now appears that FIFA is exploring a special cameo for its latest title. On Wednesday, EA announced a collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment that will bring Ted Lasso to FIFA 23 as a part of the game's Career Mode.

Of course, fans of the Ted Lasso series will be excited to hear that the popular coach isn't coming to FIFA 23 alone. The AFC Richmond roster will also be a part of the game. That gives players a choice: They can either select Ted Lasso as a manager in Career Mode to watch his motivational style in action or they can manage AFC Richmond themselves and see if they can do any better than Jason Sudeikis.

AFC Richmond will likewise be playable in other parts of FIFA 23. They'll be included in the Rest of the World league in Kick Off, Online Friendlies, and Online Seasons modes. Those who want even more of a Ted Lasso presence can play their sessions from the friendly confines of Nelson Road, the home stadium of AFC Richmond. FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players can also find Ted Lasso-themed customization items scattered across objectives and challenges. They might even find Ted Lasso or Coach Beard as a club manager.

AFC Richmond take the pitch in FIFA 23
AFC Richmond will be playable in FIFA 23.
Source: Electronic Arts

Ted Lasso is targeting a 2023 air date for Season 3 exclusively on Apple TV+. For more on this collaboration, check out the FIFA website. FIFA 23 will come to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia on Friday, September 30.

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