Bare Butt Boxing interview at PAX West 2022: Punching faces and clapping cheeks

We caught up with the developers of Bare Butt Boxing to learn more about their debut game where you punch your bare butt friends into portals.


At PAX West 2022, the Shacknews crew found themselves drawn to the indie party game, Bare Butt Boxing. And not just because of the butts, although those definitely factored into the fascination. Eager to learn more about the game, our own Blake Morse caught up with one of the members of Tuatara Games to ask them about whether they like big butts, and cannot lie.

More specifically, the first question is in regards to the game’s concept and whether the bare butts came first, or the boxing. On this, Klemen Lozar, founder, CEO, and creative director at Tuatara Games, explains that it started as a physics based multiplayer brawler before expanding to incorporate other elements.

In terms of the game’s core concept, Klemen notes that, “The core concept is all about positioning and timing, and when you play, you want to punch people into these portals that we call goals, and that’s how you score points.” In pointing out how the feel of the game is like a blend of Gang Beasts and Smash Bros., Klemen agrees and says they were definitely going for that kind of vibe.

Additionally, because it’s a physics game, the team wants to make it accessible and less focused on things like memorizing different controls, and more about the aforementioned positioning and timing in regards to punching people into portals. If you’re itching to learn even more about Bare Butt Boxing, we recommend checking out the full interview over on GamerHubTV.

While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and subscribe to the Shacknews YouTube as well, for even more awesome interview content. And for more from PAX West 2022, check out some of our previous coverage including the Dead Cells team detailing the new Boss Rush mode, and our interview with Gearbox’s James Lopez on the upcoming narrative adventure, New Tales from the Borderlands.

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