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Prodeus blasts out of early access for 1.0 release next week

The wait for Prodeus' 1.0 update is finally over, as the throwback shooter's full version will hit next week.


Players have seen the so-called "Boomer Shooter" flourish in recent years. Shooters that act as throwbacks to the golden age of the 90s have been plentiful, but few have been doing it better than Prodeus from Humble Games and Bounding Box Software. On Friday, they announced that the game's time in early access is over and it's time for Prodeus to go 1.0.

Announced at the Realms Deep Showcase on Friday, Prodeus will make its official jump out of Steam Early Access on Friday, September 23. Not only will it go 1.0 on PC, but it will also be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. On top of that, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can pick it up on launch day at no extra charge.

Captive aliens in Prodeus

Source: Humble Games

Prodeus has been in the oven since late 2018, as the two-person team at Bounding Box worked to recreate the unforgettable atmosphere of games like the original Doom. While the visuals harken back to that age in gaming, Prodeus utilizes modern 3D tech in order to make the most of its resources, offering greater performance, more eye-opening effects, and a much faster pace. We've made sure to visit it here and there at Shacknews and it's been in our discussions for Best Early Access title at Game of the Year time more than once.

Prodeus' 1.0 release will include the full campaign, four-player co-op, 16-player Deathmatch, and much more. The PC version will also receive a full-blown level editor. The wait for the final product is almost over, as Prodeus 1.0 arrives next week.

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