How to turn off keyboard haptics in iOS 16

Don't want the haptic feedback on your iPhone? Here's how to turn it off when using iOS 16.


The latest update for iPhones is here and iOS 16 brings with it a slew of new options. For those that want to reduce some of the sensations from their iPhone, it’s possible to disable the keyboard haptics.

Disable keyboard haptics

The release of iOS 16 brought with it new haptic feedback settings for the keyboard on iPhones. Users that would prefer to have no haptic feedback on the keyboard can disable this feature from within the Sounds & Haptics option in the Settings. Here are the steps you can take to disable haptics:

  1. Open up the Settings
  2. Select Sounds & Haptics
  3. Tap Keyboard Feedback
  4. Turn Haptic off or on
Image shows the Notifications, Sounds & Haptics, and other options in the Settings menu on iPhone iOS 16

Either use the iPhone search function to locate the Settings or find it among your apps. From within the Settings, scroll down to the Sounds & Haptics. This option should be within the Notifications, Focus, and Screen Time block.

The Sounds & Haptics screen will allow you to alter a great variety of settings. You can change the tones and sounds the iPhone plays for each type of notification, from phone calls to messages and even calendar alters. However, the haptic settings for the keyboard is found lower down.

Image shows the Keyboard Feedback option in the Settings on iPhone iOS 16

Look for the Keyboard Feedback option. Tap it to find keyboard-specific settings. Under the Haptic option, tap the switch to turn it off or on, depending on your preference. It’s also here you can disable the keyboard sound.

With the keyboard haptic feedback turned off, you should notice that the keyboard no longer vibrates when you use it. Be sure to check out the Shacknews iPhone page for more guides to help you with the iOS 16 update and the latest news on Apple’s line of mobile phones.

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