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Google spins out laser-based telecommunications company Aalyria

Aalyria will offer improved satellite communications through the use of technology like Tightbeam.


Google and parent company Alphabet have been working on a project codenamed “Minkowski'' for a while now which is said to be focused around a high-speed satellite telecommunication network. Today, Google took things to the next level by publicly revealing the project as a new spinout called Aalyria led by CEO Chris Taylor.

With Aalyria, Google aims to “radically improve” satellite communications and Wi-Fi. According to reports from CNBC, Alphabet transferred nearly a decade’s worth of tech, IP, patents, office space, and assets to Aalyria earlier this year. It also raked in an impressive $8.7 million in funding from a recent government defense contract with the U.S. Defense Innovation Unit.

With that being said, Google has also yet to disclose specific details and information about Aalyria outside of its core concept and mission to manage “hyper fast, ultra-secure, and highly complex communications networks that span land, sea, air, near space, and deep space.”

Google headquarters building.
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Google claims Aalyria has laser communications technology “on an exponentially greater scale and speed than anything that exists today.” Elaborating on this further, Aalyria uses light laser technology called “Tightbeam” which reportedly is able to keep data intact through “the atmosphere and weather” while offering connectivity “where no supporting infrastructure exists.”

Other noteworthy tidbits regarding the project include Google retaining a minority stake in Aalyria, with Aalyria's board featuring a number of Google executives including Vint Cerf. For more on Aalyria, be sure to read through the full report from CNBC.

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