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Evening Reading - September 7, 2022

Join us for a breakdown of everything posted to Shacknews today, plus some fun finds from around the net!


It’s Wednesday night which means it’s time once again for everyone’s favorite daily wrap-up… Evening Reading! If you’re new to our Evening Reading features, they’re a way to quickly catch up on everything posted to Shacknews for the day, and check out some fun and interesting finds from around the net. With that being said, let’s jump right into the Evening Reading for Wednesday, September 7!

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

And now, other stuff from the internet!

Gamer juice

Freshly juiced gamers.

Electric Hummer

"The electric Hummer feels like a maxed-out video game prop."


Ah, the handy dandy greenscreen.

Quoth the Wingstop...

I feel you, Wingstop.

Controlled Chaos

Nothing to see here, just a man walking (flying?) his goose.


Now that's rad!


The lizard wizard.

Guitar Hero Mods

I love it.


Excuse me, what?

Let Me In

These edits are hilarious.

Special Delivery

What will they think of next?

Close enough

The C-shaped Kirby gets me every time.


Sure, it's been a while I think I'm allowed to drop some tunes in here starting with Rob Zombie, his live stages are amazing (also, I really want that jacket, that's rad as hell).


One of my favorite, I guess you can call it a B-side, tracks from Disturbed.

Blue Flame

Have been jamming to this all weekend, it's great.


Might've shared this in the past, not sure, but the song never gets old.

And that brings our Evening Reading for Wednesday, September 7 to a close. Before we turn things over to Chatty, we want to take a moment to remind you that if you love what we do here at Shacknews and are looking for a way to show your support, you can do so by subscribing to Shacknews Mercury for as little as $1 a month.

Fluffy black cat Ippo laying on a wooden floor.
My boy Ippo says if you haven't downloaded the Shackpets app yet it's free and you totally should. It's full of cute pet pics, his included!

It’s your turn now, Chatty! How has your Wednesday been treating you? Any fun finds from around the net you’d like to share with us? Drop ‘em in the comments!

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