How to play Eruption mode in Iron Banner - Destiny 2

Learn what Surging and Primed does in Eruption, Iron Banner's new mode in Destiny 2.


Iron Banner has returned, and instead of the usual game mode, Guardians will be playing Eruption in Destiny 2. This new game mode focuses more on killing and less on objectives. Here’s the lowdown of how to play the new Eruption mode in Iron Banner.

How to play Eruption Iron Banner

Image shows a player in Iron Banner Eruption with the Surging buff in Destiny 2
Eruption is all about getting kills to become Surging, getting more kills to become Primed, and getting even more kills to avoid erupting.
Source: Bungie

As explained by Bungie in a TWAB from April 2022, Eruption is like Clash with added energy boosts based on kill streaks. The whole mode revolves around getting kills to boost the amount of energy you receive, with the added threat that once you reach a certain threshold, you must continue getting kills or else you die. Before you jump in, check out our Iron Banner Triumphs guide so you know what you're aiming for to unlock or Gild the Title.


Get one (1) kill to receive one (1) point and a normal amount of energy. Get one (1) more defeat or assist and you will become Surging. During this mode, the following will apply:

  • Glow slightly
  • Additional defeats generate 10 percent Super energy, 20 percent grenade, melee, and class energy
  • Each kill rewards two (2) points

When you get a total of five (5) defeats without dying, you will become Primed.


Primed is the last boost and the most dangerous (for yourself and others). This effect buffs your energy rate further, activates Hunt for your teammates, and even gives your allies energy buffs. However, you have a 15-second timer that will kill you if you fail to get a kill.

While you are Primed the following occurs:

  • Glow brightly
  • Additional defeats reward 12 percent Super energy and 40 percent grenade, melee, and class energy
  • The Hunt starts for your team
    • During the Hunt, your teammates gain 5 percent Super and 10 percent grenade, melee and class energy
  • Each kill rewards three (3) points
  • 15-second death timer that is reset on each kill. If the timer reaches zero you Erupt, resetting your streak and ending the Hunt
  • You are marked for both teams and you are worth three (3) points when killed

As you can see, while Primed offers the greatest benefits, it also has the highest risk. You are worth more points when defeated and you’re marked for your foes. However, if you manage to keep the timer from expiring, you’ll be raking in the points for your team.

That’s the short and fast for the new Iron Banner mode, Eruption, in Destiny 2. There will no doubt be some strategies and nuances that come into focus as the community descends once again onto Valus Forge’s iconic event. Check out our Destiny 2 Strategy Guide for more information about Season of Plunder.

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