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Lighter models of the PlayStation 5 have launched in Australia

The new version of the disc drive PS5 is allegedly as light as the launch version of the discless all-digital model.


One thing that can definitely be said about the PlayStation 5 on the cons side is that it’s a bulky beast. The console’s awkward shape and substantial weight make it a monster to fit into the geometry of your entertainment center. Fortunately, it seems Sony is working on the matter for later adopters of the PS5. New models of the console have been spotted in Australia and the main difference between them and the previous ones is that both consoles drop some notable weight.

The new models of the PlayStation 5 were spotted at Australian retailers including EB Games, Harvey Norman, and JB Hi-Fi, as reported by Australian outlet Press Start. The new models are CFI-1202B for the discless all-digital console and CFI-1202A for the disc drive version of the PS5. For the most part, they are the same as the previous models. Nothing has allegedly changed in the hardware or performance front. The biggest notable change is the weight. Where the disc drive PS5 weighed in at around 4.5kgs at launch (about 9.9lbs), it’s now 3.9kgs (8.6lbs), and where the launch edition discless all-digital PS5 was 3.9kgs, it now comes in at around 3.4kgs (7.5lbs).

A look at the side of the box of the new, lighter model of PS5.
The new PlayStation 5 model numbers, CFI-1202B (digital console) and CFI-1202A (disc console) have reportedly been seen at Australian retailers.
Source: Press Start

No matter how you cut it, it’s about a one-and-a-half pound difference on both consoles, substantially addressing the weight problem the PlayStation 5 has had since launch. It is unknown if these models of the PS5 will be sold outside of Australia. It would stem to reason that perhaps if the PS5 is weighing in at so much less, it might also be using less parts and be cheaper to manufacture. If such is the case, we could see these models phase out the originals, especially as we approach the holidays and Sony tries to get consoles ready for the winter season.

Either way, while it’s not a slim edition, it seems the PS5 is losing some weight as it comes to holiday 2022. This also comes as Sony just increased the price on the console in multiple international markets. Check out further coverage and updates on the PlayStation 5 as it becomes available.

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