Valve reaffirms that Steam Deck will be a 'multi-generational product line'

Valve recently released a booklet for the Steam Deck re-confirming that it will release new and upgraded versions of the handheld platform in the future.


The Steam Deck has made for an interesting era of hardware at Valve, allowing users to access a significant portion of their Steam library and play PC games on the go. It’s also the start of something big for Valve. Gabe Newell has said in the past that not only is Valve invested in supporting the Steam Deck closely throughout its life span, but the launched versions are only the starting point for the product. There will be more Steam Decks that will be upgraded and more capable than these original ones, and this fact was confirmed in a new booklet published for the device by Valve.

The booklet was recently published by Valve for inclusion with new Steam Decks as Valve prepares to launch it in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It was in said booklet that Valve reaffirmed its dedication to creating better versions of the Steam Deck in the future.

“In the future, Valve will follow up on this product with improvements and iterations to hardware and software, bringing new versions of Steam Deck to market,” The booklet reads.

The page in Valve's Steam Deck booklet shares details on future generations of the device.
Valve's new booklet for the Steam Deck includes a page explaining that the handheld is intended to be a multi-generational product, meaning there are plans for what could be considered a Steam Deck 2.
Source: Valve

It goes on to definitively confirm that “new versions of Steam Deck” means new generations, like a Steam Deck 2.

“This is a multi-generational product line,” the booklet continues. “Valve will support Steam Deck and SteamOS well into the foreseeable future. We will learn from the Steam community about new uses for our hardware that we haven’t thought of yet, and we will build new versions to be even more open and capable than the first version of Steam Deck has been.”

Gabe Newell has said in the past that he hoped the Steam Deck would lead to a boom in handheld PC hardware technology. This is addition to an increase in production on the handheld device as it is now. Either way, it sounds like Steam Deck 2, or whatever the next will be called, is not a matter of “if,” so much as “when,” and we’ll be here to report on it when it happens. Stay tuned.

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