The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me gets a November release date

We now know when we'll be able to enjoy all the scares that The Devil In Me has to offer.

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If you’ve been looking forward to the next installment in The Dark Pictures series, you’ll undoubtedly be excited to hear that it now has a confirmed release date. In speaking with IGN at Gamescom, it was confirmed that The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me will be released on November 18. The news was also shared in an official news post from Bandai Namco.

The news post from Bandai Namco includes some fresh details for what players can expect from The Devil In Me including “an increased runtime with a 7+ hour playthrough” and the addition of an inventory system. Furthermore, you’ll be able to interact more with the game’s world, and can look forward to some fun, challenging puzzles and the return of critically acclaimed multiplayer modes.

For those who’ve been following along with The Dark Pictures Anthology over the years, The Devil In Me will serve as the finale for Season One according to the game’s website, wrapping things up following 2019’s Man of Medan, 2020’s Little Hope, and 2021’s House of Ashes.

Promo image for The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me showing a dark, creepy scene with boxes and mannequin parts resting on top of them including legs, arms, torsos, and heads
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The Dark Pictures Anthology is designed as a set of standalone horror games each developed by Supermassive Games, creators of Until Dawn. The Devil In Me will be the second game released by Supermassive Games this year following the release of The Quarry back in June.

The Quarry is unrelated to The Dark Pictures games, and received quite a bit of fanfare upon release. In our review, we praised the game’s dynamically branching storylines and solid set of scares. With the developer already having one hit on their hands this year, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what The Devil In Me has to offer.

On the game’s website, the game’s setting and concept are described as follows:

While The Devil In Me will wrap up Season One, Supermassive Games has other Dark Pictures games planned for the future having previously filed trademarks for six additional Dark Pictures titles back in February of this year as pointed out by IGN.

To prepare for future Dark Pictures games, be sure to catch The Devil In Me when it releases on November 18 for platforms including Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Also be sure to read through our review of Supermassive Games' other 2022 release, The Quarry.

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