Stranded: Alien Dawn is the next game from the Surviving Mars devs

Announced at Gamescom, Haemimont Games is now ready to explore the outer reaches of the cosmos.


After exploring a lawless city and surviving the harrowing conditions of Mars, the team at Haemimont Games is moving on to its next big project. Announced on Tuesday during Gamescom, the Surviving Mars and Omerta: City of Gangsters developer will join forces with Frontier Foundry (part of Frontier Developments' publishing arm) to take players even farther into the cosmos with Stranded: Alien Dawn.

Stranded: Alien Dawn builds upon the foundation laid down by Surviving Mars and challenges players to build a colony where survivors can flourish. Users will start out with a modest base and eventually branch it out through resource management, research, crafting, and by exploring dangerous new environments. This strange world is a deadly one, as players will have to contend with alien illnesses, extreme weather patterns, and aggressive wildlife.

There are a multitude of approaches that one can take to ensure the survival of the colony. However, as the leader of the colony, the player will have to make some difficult choices over the course of their campaign. Some choices will offer short-term gains with long-term consequences and will have to be heavily considered. After all, survival is ultimately the name of the game and one wrong choice can doom the entire human colony.

Harvesting in Stranded: Alien Dawn

Source: Haemimont Games

It won't be long before players can try out Stranded: Alien Dawn, but the full release is going to need a little more time in the oven. The game will come exclusively to PC via Steam, but will first launch on Steam Early Access in October. For more information on this survival effort from Frontier and Haemimont, be sure to check out the Stranded: Alien Dawn website.

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