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Season 7 end date - Rocket League

Be sure to scoop up any remaining Season Rewards in Rocket League before Season 7 comes to an end!


Rocket League’s Season 7, which first began back on June 15, is coming to a close. With this comes questions regarding when exactly Season 7 will end, and when Season 8 might begin. To help you figure out how much time you have left to do things like wrap up progress on any remaining Season Rewards, here’s when Season 7 is set to end!

Season 7 end date - Rocket League

Rocket League Season 7 promo showing Season Rewards like the Maestro.
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Rocket League Season 7 is scheduled to end on Wednesday, September 7 as indicated by the game’s official website. As for when Season 8 might begin, an exact date and time have yet to be shared. However, given that Season 7 began on June 15 at 8:00 a.m. (PT), 11:00 a.m. (ET), it’s possible we may see Season 8 roll out the following Wednesday, September 14, at or around that same time frame.

Be sure to check back, as we’ll have more on Season 8 of Rocket League as additional information is shared. Until then, there’s still almost three weeks left of Season 7, giving you a decent amount of time to collect any remaining rewards. Note that Season 7, like previous seasons, features both the standard Rocket Pass for free, and the Premium Rocket Pass for 1000 RL Credits. The game also offers a version of the Premium Rocket Pass with twelve Tier skips for 2000 RL Credits.

Even if you didn’t purchase the Premium Rocket Pass, you’ll have access to the standard, free Rocket Pass so if you haven’t looked through those rewards recently to see if you’ve collected everything, it’s definitely worth doing so. In total, there are 28 rewards on offer in the free Rocket Pass, and 70 items in the Premium Rocket Pass.

So, to quickly recap, Season 7 will end on September 7. Following this, Season 8 will begin not too long after the end of Season 7. An exact date has yet to be shared, but will likely launch the following week on or around September 14. For more on Rocket League, be sure to read through some of our previous guides including an overview of Rocket League Season 7 Stage Challenges.

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