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Unboxing & Review: Pixel Frames

Level Up Labs has released a full line of Pixel Framess and Shacknews takes a look at a few of them.


The true gaming enthusiast is the type who will look for ways to decoate their home in such a way that they can express that part of themselves. Whether it's through something like a work of art, a random knick-knack, or in the case of today's Unboxing & Review, immortalized framings of classic video game scenes. Head of Video Greg Burke takes a look at Pixel Frames, which captures iconic gaming moments and puts them on display for people's collections.

The team at Level Up Labs have put out a full series of Pixel Frames. These are basically shadowboxes that feature a diorama with a three-dimensional sense of depth to go along with a 2D-like presentation. The Sonic the Hedgehog Pixel Frame features the Sega mascot dashing across Green Hill Zone across three layers. The Mega Man 2 Pixel Frame captures the Blue Bomber taking on the Lantern Fish from the Bubble Man stage. Moving forward to Mega Man 7, this Pixel Frame showcases Mega Man, Rush, and Dr. Light confronting the evil Dr. Wily, all showing off their 16-bit models. Lastly, there's a Pixel Frame based on the original NES Tetris box art. In the case of the last one, always be aware that items can be damaged in the shipping process, so buyer beware.

Thanks to Level Up Labs for sending over these Pixel Frames for review. For these and many other scenes from several classic games, head over to the Pixel Frames website. Pricing for each item will vary depending on size. For more unboxing videos like this one, as well as other gameplay videos and interviews, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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