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Twitch streamer Keffals has gone into hiding amid harrassment/doxxing campaign

Reportedly, Clara 'Keffals' Sorrenti has been in contact with Canadian authorities to track down individuals who swatted her home address in early August.


It’s been a rough time for popular Twitch streamer and LGBTQ+ activist Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti throughout the last couple months. Late in July, Keffals was banned from Twitch after a mass report in which the platform refused to reinstate her when she shared details of the abuse she had received online. Then came a doxing attempt at her home. Now, following another attempt by harassers to further endanger her, Keffals shared that she has gone into hiding and is cooperating with multiple Canadian police departments and authorities to trace swatters in a criminal harassment investigation.

Keffals released a video detailing her current situation on August 18, 2022. According to Keffals, she and her fiancé had left their home and checked into a hotel after a recent swatting attempt earlier in August. Harassers allegedly figured out the hotel Keffals was staying at and continued to dox and threaten her and her family and friends. The harassment even extended to a Toronto resident (Keffals resided in London, Ontario) who had no involvement beyond sharing a last name with Keffals.

Keffals now remains in hiding with no disclosure of her current address. Moreover, after a similar swatting incident occurred with said Toronto resident, Keffals is now cooperating with both London, Ontario and Toronto authorities to trace perpetrators of the swatting incidents. Keffals implicates notorious harassment forum Kiwi Farms in her allegations, claiming that the site has relentlessly targeted her. Moreover, police are apparently combing the forums now for further concrete evidence of wrongdoing.

Previously, Keffals was banned from Twitch for openly speaking about her harassment, including sharing a list of slurs thrown at her by abusers openly during streams. After being denied an appeal by Twitch, Keffals took her channel to YouTube.

Keffals holding up a search warrant from London police following a tramatic swatting incident that forced her to go into hiding.
Following a traumatic swatting incident in which London, Ontario police forcibly entered Keffals' home, she and her fiancé have gone into hiding and are working with authorities to trace the source of the swatters.
Source: Keffals

Despite harassment, Keffals claims she will not go away. Currently, she hosts a GoFundMe for legal and moving fees connected to her harassment. Proceeds from her Patreon will also aid in this cause.

“I just want you all to know that I never plan to back down,” Keffals concluded. “I am never going to go away, I am going to continue fighting.”

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this and further Twitch stories as updates become available.

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