Sunsoft announces three retro titles, more on the way

During its livestream, Sunsoft returned to activity with a slew of video game announcements, including Ikki Unite, Gimmick!, and Ufouria.


As promised, Sunsoft made quite the return today with a livestream presentation reintroducing viewers to the brand. After many years of dormancy, Sunsoft is returning to relaunch many of its classic retro titles on new platforms, as well as creating new takes, remakes, and remasters of its classic IPs. That culminated in the announcement of three upcoming retro games, and Sunsoft teased that more titles are on the way.

The Sunsoft livestream presentation took place on its YouTube channel on August 18, 2022. The presentation ran a little over 8 minutes long and featured a number of upcoming titles from Sunsoft, including Ikki Unite, Gimmick!, and Ufouria. The first, Ikki Unite, is a co-op successor to a classic Famicom game simply called Ikki. Players play peasants who stage an uprising and must work together to overcome a multitude of enemies seeking to put the revolt down. It will be a multiplayer game that allows both local and online play and a closed beta is coming soon on Steam. Known for coining the term “Kusoge” or “bad game,” Ikki Unite is meant to do away with the limitations of its original release and come closer to the developers’ vision.

A screenshot of Gimmick!, featuring the main character Yumetaro as it flicks a shelled creature on rocky platforms over water.
Gimmick! was one of several titles shown during the Sunsoft livestream presentation on August 18. The retro title is getting a release on modern consoles this winter 2022.
Source: Sunsoft

Gimmick! is a 1992 action platformer that was released on NES and Famicom after the SNES came out. Due to the timing, it was only released in Japan and Scandinavia and has built up a cult following throughout the years. It’s widely considered to be one of the better NES platformers, as players guide a little green toy creature known as Yumetaro through a series of challenging levels to find its lost owner. It will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam this coming winter and its soundtrack will be released standalone on cassette tape and vinyl.

Finally, Ufouria: The Saga, also known as Hebereke in Japan, is a 1991 action platformer described as a Metroidvania before the genre officially existed. Players help the penguin known as Hebe find its friends, discovering items that open new paths along the way. It’s getting a modern console launch in 2023 and will be getting a standalone soundtrack release as well.

Besides Ikki Unite, Gimmick!, and Ufouria, Sunsoft teased that another unannounced title is in the works - a full-on remake of a classic game. As we await further details on what comes next for Sunsoft, stay tuned right here at Shacknews for updates on their announced and unannounced upcoming games.

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