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Destiny 2 Titans sort of get Twilight Garrison, Bungie gets last laugh

The new Thruster class ability will give Titans a direction boost when performed on the ground.


Titans have long maligned the absence of Twilight Garrison in Destiny 2. This Exotic chest piece used to allow lateral in-air movement for the punchy subclass in the first game but has been notably absent in the sequel. With the arrival of Arc 3.0, Bungie has revealed that Titans will be getting a new lateral movement ability, not tied to an Exotic. Kevin Yanes, the developer who ripped the band-aid off and told Titans air dodge wouldn’t return to the class, has gotten the last laugh with an iconic Sakurai meme.

On August 18, 2022, Bungie gave players a sneak peek at the upcoming Arc 3.0 update arriving with Season 18. Each class got to read a bit about how their Supers are changing and what Aspects they would be using to mold their builds. While Hunters get a new Super, what really stood out to Titans was that they would be getting a brand new movement ability called Thruster.

Image shows Titan kneeing enemies in Destiny 2
Not only will Titans have Shoulder Charge, they now get an on-ground lateral movement in the form of Thruster.
Source: Bungie

By double-tapping the input while on the ground, Titans will burst “in their throttle direction”. Instead of entering a third-person perspective like when using Twilight Garrison or a Warlock’s Icarus Dash, Thruster will be a first-person evade.

Kevin Yanes has taken to Twitter to share an iconic Sakurai meme telling players to “Never ask me for anything ever again.” Previously, Yanes told the community that Titans would not be getting an air dodge as it is part of the Warlock identity. Parts of the community did not take the news well with others outright abusing and harassing developers. 

Upon reflection, the hint that some form of movement ability would be given to the Titans was present in Yanes’ original tweet, which has since been deleted. “Yeah, cause they be getting a ground dash with Arc 3.0. Mark my words,” guessed one Reddit user in response to Yanes’ message. Though this new ability cannot be performed while in the air, it does ensures Titans have a means of closing the gap or quickly repositioning during a fight.

Savvy players may already be thinking about how best to weave Thruster, and the other Arc 3.0 changes, into their builds to maximise speed and survivability. With Arc 3.0, a Guardian under the effect of Amplify will gain “sizeable PVE damage resistance” while sprinting. Throw on the Striking Light mod and Arc 3.0 Titans may rival Solar 3.0 Titans for the title of “unkillable”.

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