Disney enters IP license agreement for legendary DivX technology

It's been over twenty years since DivX ruled the world, but things are looking good for this once dominant video codec company as Disney has entered into an IP licensing agreement for that sweet tech.


It's not every day that Shacknews gets to report on legendary video codec technology companies like DivX, but today is our day to shine. Disney has entered into an IP licensing agreement with DivX to bring its special brand of video compression technology to livestream platforms Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. This is a tremendous win for the San Diego-based tech company, and will certainly go down in history as the moment that DivX was officially back.

Image shows DivX logo

DivX has come a long way from the year 2000. The company now boasts Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABS), Efficient Ultra High-Definition Video, Digital Rights Management (DRM), and High-quality playback with guaranteed interoperability. "We have a view of what the future of digital media convergence looks like and we navigate by that star," says DivX Co-founder Jordan Hall. 

It all started with a video codec that provided cutting-edge coding encoding tech that was remarkably faster than all the competition, but the company went on to enable a whole world of advancements in video compression and streaming. Today's announcement that DivX and Disney are joining forces with an IP licensing agreement is the icing on the cake of the company's 22-year journey. DivX has witnessed many bull and bear markets in technology come and go, but the company is still standing.

Many of our readers may not have thought of DivX in some time, but the word has made several appearances on our livestreams. In 2019, an Earl Divx create-a-skater was used by all competitors in the Shacknews Champions League Finals, and viewers of our reoccurring Bizarro Wolverines charity stream series will fondly remember Coach Divx and his absurdly unsportsmanlike antics.

Exciting times for the Divx clan, that's for sure. With Disney+ approaching 150 million subscribers, the trajectory for DivX is looking up.


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