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How to build an outhouse - Cult of the Lamb

Build an outhouse so you won't have to take crap from your followers in Cult of the Lamb.


Although shoveling poop isn’t the most difficult challenge you will face in Cult of the Lamb, there will come a point when cleaning up after your followers becomes too tedious and time consuming. As your cult grows, cult leaders will have the option to build an outhouse, which will help alleviate the messes left by your devout woodland worshippers. This guide will explain how to build an outhouse so you can keep your followers’ messes to a minimum.

How to Build an Outhouse

Your cult starts out from humble beginnings in Cult of the Lamb, which means you will spend the early days of the game cleaning up feces and vomit left by your followers. Keeping things tidy only becomes more cumbersome as you acquire new followers. It is in your best interest as a cult leader to prioritize building an outhouse once you have the resources.

image shows the upgrade tree with the outhouse unlocked

Before you can build an outhouse, you must level up your Shrine to the third tier, which unlocks the Refinery. Unlocking new items in the Shrine requires Divine Inspiration, which you earn by collecting Devotion from your followers. To unlock the outhouse, you must first unlock the Shelter upgrade, which requires having unlocked the Sleeping Bags.

image shows the material cost of building an outhouse in Cult of the Lamb

Once you have unlocked the outhouse, you must go over to the workbench to build it. Building an outhouse requires 20 Coin and 5 Refined Lumber. You will need to construct the Refinery first to refine enough Lumber.

You can build and place the outhouse wherever you like on your campgrounds. Once built, your followers will start using the outhouse to do their business, provided the outhouse is clean enough. The outhouse needs to be emptied out daily, otherwise your followers will begin going on the ground again. Poop collected from the outhouse (or otherwise) can be used as fertilizer on your farm, so be sure to use fertilizer regularly to enhance your crops.

Building an outhouse in Cult of the Lamb will help save you the time and effort of having to clean up after your followers. Although the outhouse won’t make followers clean up their own messes (that requires the Janitor Station) you will have much less scat scattered around for you to pick up. Make sure you read through our Cult of the Lamb documents for other helpful information to get your cult going.

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