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Splatoon 3's Splatfest will include 3-team Tricolor Turf Wars

The Splatfests are returning in Splatoon 3, and Nintendo is even kicking it off pre-launch with a rock-paper-scissors Splatfest this August.


Splatfests have long been one of the most fun parts of Splatoon games. Taking advantage of the game’s excellent PVP, Splatfests provide themes for players to battle for supremacy, like Ketchup vs Mustard and Ninjas vs Pirates. It’s about to get more intense in Splatoon 3, though. Nintendo confirmed that Splatfests are coming back in Splatoon 3, will feature three-team Tricolor Turf Wars, and the first Splatfest is coming pre-release at the end of August, featuring a Rock vs Paper vs Scissors theme.

Nintendo confirmed these details at the end of the special Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct presentation on August 10, 2022. During the end of the presentation, we were introduced to new Splatoon TV group in the form of Deep Cut, featuring trendy Inklings Frye and Shiver, and their stingray friend Big Man. These three will be presiding over new three-way Splatfests, which feature themes with three sides to choose from, as opposed to the previous two. The first will be Rock vs Paper vs Scissors, and it will premiere on August 27, 2022 from 9 a.m. PT to 9 p.m. ET as a pre-release Splatfest to get everyone’s feet wet in the new format.

A look at Splatoon 3's first Splatfest, featuring Rock vs Paper vs Scissors, coming on August 27 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.
The first three-way Splatoon 3 Splatfest will be a Rock vs Paper vs Scissors, coming as a pre-release competition on August 27.
Source: Nintendo

Three-way Splatfests means three-way Turf Wars. Where Turf Wars during Splatfests will still start as two teams of four going head-to-head, the second stage will play out different. Tricolor Turf Wars will put teams representing all three sides of Splatfest on the battlefield. The first place group will have a team of four spawning in the middle of a map, flanked on all sides by two 2-player teams of the other Splatfest options, like a two-player team of Rock and a two-player team of Scissors squaring off against a first-place four-player team of Paper. The four player team will have to fend off the scrappy other teams while the other two teams cooperate and/or betray each other to ink the map and steal victory from the dominant team.

The return of Splatfests, the Deep Cut group presenting them, and Tricolor Turf Wars are all plenty of reasons to be excited about Splatoon 3. The game is right around the corner with a release date in early September. Stay tuned for more details and get in on the first Splatoon 3 three-way Splatfest between paper, rock, and scissors when it comes at the end of this August!

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