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How Rested XP works - MultiVersus

Everything you need to know about Rested XP in MultiVersus including how it works, and what sort of XP bonuses it grants.


Whether you’ve recently gotten into MultiVersus or have been playing for a bit and simply want to dig even deeper into the game, one question that may be hot on your mind is how Rested XP works. To help clarify things, we’ve got a guide for you on what Rested XP is, how it works, and how to make the most out of it in MultiVersus!

How Rested XP works in MultiVersus

The Main Menu page for MultiVersus showing the large Play button and beneath it the bar for Rested XP.
You can view your Rested XP bar below the large orange Play button on the MultiVersus main menu.

© MultiVersus

In MultiVersus, Rested XP allows you to earn extra Battle Pass experience by playing daily matches and also serves to encourage players to return to the game on a regular basis. Rested XP is represented by a red bar (when full) underneath the large “Play” button in the MultiVersus main menu. You can also see your Rested XP bar on the Battle Pass page above the scrollable Tier Rewards list.

When the bar is completely full you’ll earn a x2 experience bonus (double XP) as opposed to the x1 you earn when the bar is empty. Note that as you play matches, the bar will slowly whittle its way down until it’s depleted and you’re back to earning a normal amount of XP.

To continue earning Rested XP with that meaty x2 bonus you’ll need to return to MultiVersus the following day (24 hours later) at which point you should see that the bar has reset and is full again. In a nutshell, the goal of the Rested XP system is to encourage players to return each day and play a handful of matches as opposed to grinding away at the game for hours and hours at a time.

Battle Pass page for MultiVersus showing the Rested XP bar location above a list of Tier 1 Rewards.
You can also find a Rested XP bar on the Battle Pass page above the Tier Rewards list.

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The best way to take advantage of Rested XP is, as previously mentioned, by logging in and playing a few matches at the same time each day until the bar has been fully depleted. For example, you can pair the process of completing daily missions with the goal of burning through your Rested XP for the day. Once those are complete and your Rested XP bar is fully depleted, you’re done for the day and can wait until tomorrow at the same time to return and repeat the process. Of course, it’s also totally up to you in how you utilize the Rested XP system in MultiVersus!

Now that you’ve got a better sense as to what Rested XP in MultiVersus, you may find yourself itching to learn even more about the game. To help with that, we’ve got a nice assortment of guides here at Shacknews for you to look through including one on how to change your Ringout in MultiVersus.

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