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Destiny 2 Hotfix patch notes

Here are your full patch notes for Hotfix in Destiny 2.


It’s Tuesday, Guardians, which means a weekly reset is upon us as well as Hotfix patch notes for Destiny 2. Let’s dig straight into what changes are coming to our favorite looter shooter today.

Hotfix patch notes

An image of Destiny 2 NPC Eva Levante standing in the Tower Courtyard.
Destiny 2 Hotfix arrived on Tuesday with the game's weekly reset.
Source: Bungie

You can read the patch notes in their original form here, but we have the full details below:

Solstice 2022

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't unlock the appearance of the Solstice armor sets to transmog.
    • The beacons are lit, fashion calls for aid!
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't reobtain armor from Eva Levante (Space Grandma) if armor has been dismantled after completing the step where players need to speak with her, post-equipping.
  • Fixed an issue where players weren't receiving the Seashore Pack at the Eververse store.
    • Players can now grab their loot from Cryptarch. 


  • Progress accelerators are now in place for players completing Solstice Event Challenges on second and third classes (Titan, Warlock, and Hunter, for any new players). 
    • Partially fixed, progress accelerator missing on Hand Cannon challenge for Titans.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to progress second and third character armor sets after fully upgrading their primary Guardian's armor. 

There you have it, Guardians, your Hotfix patch notes. Did you see anything you liked? Did you see anything that you disliked? Be sure to weigh in with the Chatty thread below this article, and visit our Destiny 2 strategy guide to get caught up on everything a good Guardian needs to know.


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