Mortal Kombat announcement seemingly ruled out for EVO 2022

There will be a lot of fighting game announcements during this weekend's EVO Lounge, but don't expect to hear anything from Mortal Kombat.


Earlier today, fighting game fans learned that this year's EVO would feature a special live show filled with exciting news and reveals. While the EVO Lounge looks to feature some announcements from some of the most recognizable fighting game franchises, it does not appear that Mortal Kombat will be among them.

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon responded to the IGN Twitter account with a note that there would be no announcement regarding the long-running fighting game franchise during this weekend's EVO Lounge. He made sure to add that the fighting game faithful should enjoy the new announcements from some of the other great titles in development. This may prove disappointing to MK fans considering the multitude of possibilities for the franchise's future.

It should be noted that Monday's PlayStation.Blog announcement did not reference Mortal Kombat specifically, but did name MK publisher WB Games in its copy. This is most likely going to relate to a new character from free-to-play hit MultiVersus, though there's always the outside chance that the often-rumored Injustice 3 could finally be unveiled for the first time. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time people got their hopes up for the third Injustice title only to be sadly let down.

Raiden steps out of the shadows
Don't look for Mortal Kombat to be part of this weekend's EVO Lounge announcements.
Source: WB Games

There's very little concrete information regarding what will be revealed during the EVO Lounge with the only confirmation coming from the Skullgirls camp, which notes that its final Season 1 Pass character will be revealed this weekend. We'll be watching EVO all weekend and we'll be sure to report back on any non-Mortal Kombat related news to come from the big event. Keep it on Shacknews for the latest updates.

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