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Discover all of the gems and their effects in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


Any player worth their salt in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will want to be crafting gems. These gems will significantly help your builds as you’re out exploring the world. Below you’ll find a table of all the gems highlighting their effects they have.

Gems and effects

Gems can be crafted in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 by finding components in the field or in fights. These components are then mixed with Ether (which is captured in an Ether Cylinder from vents found in the field) or via Gold Nopon colds from opening chests and doing quests. Each of the four classes (Attacker, Defender, Support, and Utility) have their own gems which can be upgrade through 10 tiers. Below is a video showcasing the crafted gem along with tables detailing each one.

Image of all gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
All Gems & Effects
Defender Gems
Name Effect
Tailwind Increases Agility by 15
Steel Protection Increases Block Rate by 10 percentage points.
Ultimate Counter Deals 80% of Attack damage when you take damage.
Brimming Spirit Boosts aggro generated when using Art by 20%.
Perilous Presence Start each battle with aggro.
Attacker Gems
Steelcleaver Increases Attack by 30.
Accurate Grace Increases Dexterity by 20.
Analyze Weakness Increases critical hit damage bonus by 20 percentage points.
Swelling Scourge Boosts power of debuffs applied to enemies by 25%.
Refined Incantation Extends duration timers of debuffs applied to enemies by 25%.
Support Gems
Lifebearer Increases Healing by 20.
Soothing Breath When helping an incapacitated ally, revives them with 20% more HP; also raises Healing by 5.
Lifesaving Expertise Boosts speed of ally revived by 25% and raises Healing by 7.
Swelling Blessing Boosts power of buff effects issued by self by 30%.
Refined Blessing Extends duration of buff effects issued by self by 25%.
Utility Gems
Ironclad Increases maximum HP by 400.
Steady Striker Shortens auto-attack interval by 15%.
Doublestrike Adds 20% chance to strike twice per auto-attack.
Empowered Combo When canceling, boosts damage dealt by 30%.
Disperse Bloodlust Reduced aggro generated when using Art by 20%.

As you progress through Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you will want to be crafting gems and then creating their more advanced version. For more help with other aspects of the game, stop by our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 page.

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