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Retail Therapy Ep.10: Pokemon TCG unboxing day

Rod has snagged some Pokemon TCG booster packs to bust open on today's episode of Retail Therapy!


It’s the third Saturday of the month, which means it’s time for another Pokemon TCG unboxing episode of Retail Therapy. Today our hosts, Blake, Rod, and Greg will be opening up some packs from the trading card game and seeing what they come up with. Last month Blake pulled a couple rare Charizards out of a bag full of random cards. What surprises await the gang this month? Supposedly Rod has something special up his sleeve this month.

The only way to catch all the action is to tune in here and watch the embedded video player below, or go straight to the official Shacknews Twitch channel. If you watch it here, you won’t be able to chat with the gang though, so keep that in mind. The whole thing goes down at 12pm PT/3pm ET today, so set your alarms accordingly.

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Blake has been writing and making videos about pop-culture and games for over 10 years now. Although he'd probably prefer you thought of him as a musician and listened to his band, If you see him on the street, buy him a taco or something. Follow him on twitter @ProfRobot

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