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MultiVersus' Iron Giant brings an awesome new co-op mechanic to the game

Iron Giant is MultiVersus' first 'Colossal-sized' character and features a mechanic that lets teammate characters interact with it in a unique way.


With the latest MultiVersus update leading into its open beta, it has quite a few new features for players to explore, one of the biggest being the character addition of the Iron Giant. This new fighter is easily the biggest of the bunch so far, but there’s more to Iron Giant than just being a big pile of punchy metal. Players are also learning that Iron Giant’s teammates can benefit from it being in play in a very unique way. Simply put? You can pilot Iron Giant.

Iron Giant came to MultiVersus as part of its Open Beta V0 update patch notes that launched with the new early play session. While there were quite a few balance adjustments and tweaks to the game, Iron Giant is in the game too and might just shake up the meta, or at least add a new element of teamwork. Players recently learned that Iron Giant has an extremely interesting mechanic: It can take on a powered up form and let teammates climb aboard to pilot it.

The powered-up Iron Giant in MultiVersus, piloted by a team player.
If you see Iron Giant in its upgraded form, watch out. Another player can pilot it to make it even stronger and do tremendous damage to your team.
Source: Image via WB Games

This obviously means Iron Giant players have to relinquish control to their teammates, and you’ll just be one target to fight as opposed to two. However, the trade is that Iron Giant takes on a far more destructive form full of deadlier weapons and attacks. It would seem that those who take good advantage of Iron Giant’s capabilities could turn the tide of a match and dominate foes into submission by sheer brute force.

We’ve had a few sessions playing MultiVersus and the game continues to grow on us and other players as well. As the open beta relies on Twitch drops, make sure you know how to get your code to the fun and stay tuned for more updates and guides on MultiVersus, right here at Shacknews.

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