Bungie sues repeat cheater & harasser

Bungie is taking a Destiny 2 player to court for multiple counts of ban evasion, threats, and harassment.


Toxicity is a huge issue in gaming, especially online multiplayer games. Destiny 2 has no shortage of loud and passionate folk when it comes to most sectors of the game, but some folks arguably take it too far, and one may be paying seriously for it too. After a long period of cheating, ban evasion, threats, and harassment, Bungie is taking a Destiny 2 player to court with damages of over $150,000 being demanded if the studio wins in court.

Bungie’s lawsuit with said player was recently reported via multiple sources, including GameRant. According to the filing at the United States District Court of Seattle, Washington, Bungie is suing Twitch streamer and Destiny player Luca "miffysworld" Leone for a multitude of harassment, cheating, and ban evasion. Not only did Leone get banned for using cheats only to create separate accounts to continue playing and upload further videos of cheating. Furthermore, Leone reportedly harassed Bungie employees repeatedly, even going as far as to lob threats of burning down the studio’s headquarters in Seattle. Leone’s Twitter was also a source of harassment, where he was suspended by the platform for threats such as telling Bungie to “keep [its] doors locked.”

The first page of Bungie's lawsuit against serial cheater/harasser Luca Leone.
Bungie has officially filed to take Luca "miffysworld' Leone to court over numerous counts of cheating, ban evasion, and harassment.
Source: United States District Court, Western District of Washington at Seattle

For all of this and more, Bungie’s lawsuit is seeking $150,000 for each of Leone’s numerous alleged copyright violations. Meanwhile, it will also seek $2,500 for each instance of use of cheat software and a court ban against Leone creating further accounts or carrying out further harassment against Bungie employees and other players.

Bungie has swung its legal powers in the past as it combats cheaters and toxicity in Destiny 2. The group has been aggressive in banning players who cheat. Moreover, Bungie has gone to court with several cheat-creating organizations to put them out of business.

Luca Leone’s Twitter has been deleted since this debacle began, but it would appear that the individual in question may be in for a financial gauntlet for all of the trouble they caused Bungie and the Destiny 2 community. Stay tuned for further updates as they become available here at Shacknews.

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    TJ Denzer posted a new article, Bungie sues repeat cheater & harasser

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      wow what the fuck? online trolls have to now threaten the developers? too bored and un-satisfied with in game shit heel behavior?

      sue that fucker into oblivion and then sue him again

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        seems like the natural progression path of an unchecked griefer -- when their ability to aggravate and exploit is normalized or tolerated, they have to escalate to maintain the gratification it gives them

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