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How many hours to beat Stray?

Find out how long it will take you to beat Stray depending on your style of play.


Stray has pounced onto the gaming scene with outstanding reviews, letting players know that this is one cat-based adventure that you need to experience. Not matter what your playstyle, we can tell you how many hours it will take you to beat Stray.

How many hours will it take to beat Stray?

how long to beat stray

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Your first playthrough of Stray will take between 5-10 hours. Five hours would get you some collectibles, the entire main story, and you’d have to get through without getting stuck very often or for very long. On the other hand, if you want to explore Stray and collect all the things, your playthrough will be closer to the 10-hour mark. My first playthrough came in at six hours, which allowed for some exploring, some collectibles, and getting hung up a few times.

It’s worth noting that Stray can be completed in under two hours, but that’s a testament to its replay value. There is a Trophy/Achievement called I Am Speed that players can earn if they beat the game in under two hours. While this can be done, it will require players to plan their route in advance, minimize or eliminate dying, and always keep a quick pace.

While Stray isn’t a long game, it is a fantastic game as I outlined in my Stray review for Shacknews. You should absolutely play this game, and you should take your time doing so the first time through. The world is highly detailed and enjoyable to explore, so don’t be in a rush to blitz through Stray just because you’re good at games. Take your time and soak this one in.


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