Sonic Origins devs are listening to feedback & prepping fixes amid controversy

The classic Sonic game collection has been hit with a wave of criticism over certain bugs not found in the original games.


Sonic Origins isn’t a bad time, but it has been catching some flack over the last few weeks since it came out due to some bugs and glitches that were introduced in the remastered games. Even the original developers weren’t thrilled about the outcome of the game, but Sega is apparently working on fixes. Recently, we were told the devs are listening to feedback and dedicated to fixing up the game based on the criticisms from the community.

Waves of criticism have been lobbed at Sonic Origins since it launched. Players have been frustrated to find bugs that were simply not in the original game, such as Tails behaving weirdly in CPU mode, collision detection acting funny, and glitches that skip dang near entire games in the collection. However, Sega isn’t apparently sitting on its laurels about this. According to Sonic the Hedgehog social media manager Katie Chrzanowski, the team is listening to the criticism and feedback and will prepare fixes for Sonic Origins that bring the games up to fan expectations.

Sonic the Hedgehog social media manager Katie Chrzanowski claims in a tweet that Sega developers will fix Sonic Origins in the near future.
Sonic social media manager Katie Chrzanowski claims that Sega has heard the concerns over Sonic Origins and will prepare fixes for the game's issues in the near future.
Source: Twitter

The criticism was further exacerbated by Simon “Stealth” Thomley, a developer at Headcannon who worked on emulation of the originals and claims that the state of the games in Sonic Origins is not the work his team handed to Sega. Sonic Team reportedly recompiled and tweaked the games, introducing some new bugs to the overall package. Even so, Thomley has suggested that Headcannon would be happy to work on patches and updates of Sonic Origins with Sega, if allowed.

Either way, it sounds like Sega is aware of the situation and isn’t just leaving Sonic Origins as is. We certainly enjoyed Sonic Origins for what it was in our review, but stay tuned as we await an update on bug fixes and possible patches for the collection.

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