Outriders Worldslayer dev talks balancing power and maintaining difficulty

Outriders Worldslayer is here, and we got to speak with the developers about nerfs, challenge, and everything in between.


Outriders released with a bang back in the first half of 2021. Since then, players have enjoyed crafting powerful builds, engaging with the endgame content, and longing for more to sink their teeth into. The Outriders Worldslayer DLC offers exactly that, and we recently had the pleasure of speaking with Łukasz Osinski from People Can Fly about creating a game like Outriders and keeping it balanced.

Outriders first launched back in April 2021 and players swiftly discovered some truly incredible builds. The creations were so powerful that the team nerfed Technomancers and Tricksters. Obviously, players were a bit puzzled why nerfs were being doled out in a PVE game, so we thought to ask Osinski about the design and decision process behind it.

When discussing the need for balancing weapons and gear in a purely PVE game, Osinski pointed to seeing incredible builds online. Osinski says it is a humbling experience to see players create builds that can melt endgame content in seconds when the developers thought it might take 5 minutes. He goes on to say, “Do we want to keep that or do we need to invent a way to make it fun but also balanced?”

Osinski goes on to talk about keeping the game fun but ensuring that there isn’t just one viable solution for the endgame. To this end, Osinski speaks to the requirement of continuing to provide difficult content for players to experience. It’s quite an interesting insight into the decision-making process of the team at People Can Fly. You can find more developer interviews like this one over on the GamerHubTV YouTube channel and exclusive gameplay on the Shacknews YouTube channel.

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