MetaBoy #4522 has a $2.1 billion asking price on GameStop NFT Marketplace

You could be the proud owner of the MetaBoy#4522 gif if you're willing to part with enough money to buy a private island.

MetaBoy | GameStop NFT Marketplace

Just when you start feeling confident in your understanding of the NFT and crypto space, the world throws a curveball at you. While some of the products on the GameStop NFT Marketplace are listed for a handful of Ethereum, MetaBoy#4522 has its price set at 2,000,000 ETH or $2.1 billion USD for those still using fiat money.

The GameStop NFT Marketplace officially launched today, kicking off GameStop’s entry into the crypto world and Web3. A quick skim of the marketplace shows that quite a lot of artwork has already been minted. Would-be collectors can purchase these digital goodies provided they have a GameStop Wallet.

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Image credit: GameStop NFT Marketplace.

As for the MetaBoy#4522 NFT listing, the outrageous price is set by the creator, not by GameStop, and is merely a reserve price. I know what you’re asking, dear reader, “What about MetaBoy#4521 and MetaBoy#4523?” Both are set at 0.05 ETH which is the equivalent of $54.61 USD based on current prices. Why the creator would have MetaBoy#4522 priced so much higher than the other thousands of MetaBoy gifs out there is beyond me. Perhaps it is merely a talking point – so it’s working.

If you think you’ve got artwork skills to rival some of the best NFT designers out there, you can sign up to become a GameStop NFT Marketplace Creator. It’s certainly an interesting emergent industry to watch, especially when you consider the recent phoenix-like resurrection of GameStop thanks to retail traders.

Considering the company’s NFT marketplace has only just launched, we’re still early days when it comes to seeing results. Are you interested in purchasing any of the products on the marketplace or are you going to employ the ol’ right-click save-as method? Let us know in the Chatty thread below. Make sure you keep it locked to Shacknews as we bring you the latest GameStop news.

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