Rockstar is increasing GTA$ payouts in GTA Online

Get ready for increased GTA$ payouts for activities like Races, Adversary Modes, Heist Finales, and more.

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In an exciting announcement from Rockstar today, it was revealed that GTA$ payouts are being increased in GTA Online across a variety of different activities such as Races, Adversary Modes, and Heist Finales in an update set to release in “a few short weeks.”

The upcoming update for GTA Online will also see other player-requested adjustments make their way into the game, such as a reduction in the effectiveness of homing missiles and countermeasures on the Oppressor Mk II.

GTA Online is getting increased GTA$ payouts for activities like Races, Adversary Modes, and Heist Finales.
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Other areas that GTA Online players can expect changes include things like the Criminal Careers of Executive, Biker, Gunrunner, and Nightclub Owner being expanded. Additionally, a set of Contact Missions are being added that “presents the opportunity to be sworn in as a special IAA field operative to investigate a budding criminal conspiracy.”

Not only is GTA Online and its GTA$ payouts getting an update, so too is Red Dead Online which is getting new Telegram Missions, among other things. For more on the updates coming to GTA Online and Red Dead Online, be sure to read through the full announcement from Rockstar. And for more GTA Online news, check out our previous coverage including GTA+ July 2022 benefits including Diamond Casino penthouse and amenities

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