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Duke4Ever Gameplay Info

After all this time of talking about Duke4 we really dont know a heck of a lot about the game aside from some purty screenshots that were released with PCGamer many moons ago. A recent Gathering of Developers calender though of all things reveals some of the first actual insight into what the game will play like (Thanks Eric, who I assume got it from VE)

Duke visits Lake Meade (as a parody of the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee home video) and visits a house of ill repute in the desert. At the start of the game Duke's taking it easy in Vegas; he just wants to be left alone to run a casino and get some action from time to time. Then the bad Dr. Piston (ed's note - um, Proton?) blows up Vegas including Duke's Emporium. No doubt prompting Duke to say "That really pisses me off." Duke Nukem will feature classic single player levels focused on the run, jump, shoot, curse model of past Duke games, while others will incorporate exciting new modes of gameplay, including vehicle action and more. And with those darn aliens around, you can be sure that Duke will be encountering a few surprises he's never seen before.

Even at this E3 Duke still wont be showing anything more than a video on the floor. Keep in mind that no matter how long a game takes to make or what you may think of the developers, nobody really knows if the game is good or not. Dont act like you do. :)

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