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New Polium One NFT console swears they didn't screenshot the GameCube logo

Despite claiming it didn't copy the GameCube logo, Polium is scrapping it and creating a new logo because of course they are.

Image: Polium

A company called Polium has stirred up quite a bit of conversation among gamers recently, not only because of its efforts to create a “multi-chain console for Web 3 Gaming” via its Polium One, but also because the logo for the Polium One bears a striking resemblance to a logo previously used on a different gaming console.

More specifically, when looking at the Polium One logo, it’s nearly an exact match to that of Nintendo’s GameCube. Even though you don’t have to put the two side-by-side to see this, it’s a great way to show how similar they are, with the Polium One logo essentially being the same as the one used by the Nintendo GameCube, just flipped around.

Following people pointing this out and dragging Polium for the noticeable similarities between the two logos, the company took to Twitter to share a few statements both on the logo subject, and in general about the Polium One. Among these, Polium claims that it didn’t copy the GameCube logo. Despite this assertion that the logo wasn’t copied, the company has nevertheless promised to create a new, more original logo to use instead. 

Looking over the rest of the info for the Polium One on its FAQ page, it’s noted that the Polium One will be compatible with networks such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB, ImmutableX, Harmony, EOS, and WAX. It’ll also have a Fingerprint Scanner which users will be required to use in order to make transactions. Polium claims to be working with a multitude of game developers, and that it will have a “functional prototype” of the Polium One to show in a few months. Hopefully with a new logo by then, as well.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you think Polium knowingly copied the GameCube logo, perhaps to stir up controversy and pull more attention to the Polium One? Do you think the Polium One console will be successful? Let us know in Chatty!

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