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How to unlock Switch Skill Swap - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak gives players new Switch Skills and a swapping mechanic to flip back and forth between them. Here's how to unlock it.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduces new Switch Skills as well as a new Switch Skill Swap mechanic. Unlocking and utilizing this new system and skills is critical to expanding your monster-hunting capabilities. Good news: you can unlock Switch Skill Swap basically straight away.

Unlock Switch Skill Swap

To unlock Switch Skill Swap in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you will first need to make your way to Elgado Outpost. Once you arrive, speak with the characters until you’re directed to chat with Master Arlow. At this point, Master Utsushi will appear and you will need to complete his introductory quest.

monster hunter rise sunbreak switch skill swap controls

This quest will run you through the basics of the new Switch Skill Swap system. Players will now have access to two scrolls, a Red Swap Scroll and a Blue Swap Scroll. Each scroll can have different Switch Skills assigned to it. While you’re out on a hunt and in combat, you can switch between these two scrolls by holding Left Trigger and pressing Y+B at the same time (these are the Xbox buttons). If you’re using a gunner weapon, you’ll need to press Right Bumper and Y+B.

monster hunter rise switch skill swap loadouts
As you unlock more Switch Skills in Sunbreak, you will want to create more Switch Skill Swap loadouts.

While you only have two scrolls to switch between, you can save several loadouts for each weapon. Creating new loadouts will become vital as you progress through Sunbreak and acquire some of the new Switch Skills.

Unlocking Switch Skills and the new Switch Skill Swap system is straightforward. You’ll be able to use Switch Skill Swap straight away and you’ll even get a new skill to try out. As for the other skills, a bit more progress through Sunbreak is in order. For more help, stop by our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak page.

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