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How to unlock the Sunbreak DLC - Monster Hunter Rise

Unlock the Sunbreak DLC in Monster Hunter Rise and gain access to Elgado Outpost and all the Master Rank content.


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a big and brand new expansion for the game, letting players go on all new challenging hunts. But before players can make their way to Elgado Outpost, they must first unlock the Sunbreak DLC. For those that have played the base game, this will be no issue, but for newcomers, it might take a bit of effort.

Unlock Sunbreak & Elgado Outpost

In order to unlock the Sunbreak DLC in Monster Hunter Rise, players will need to finish the main story of Monster Hunter Rise and get the Gathering Hub quests finished up to and including 7-star quests. The goal is to hunt and defeat Thunder Serpent Narwa. Once she is defeated, Sunbreak will unlock.

monster hunter rise unlock sunbreak DLC
After defeating Thunder Serpent Narwa, you will be able to access Sunbreak.

This whole process can take quite a long time. Players should anticipate taking anywhere between 20 and 40 hours. The deciding factor on how long this takes will depend on whether you’re playing multiplayer, playing the game solo, spending time upgrading your gear and farming for materials, as well as player familiarity with the series.

To speed up how long it takes to unlock Sunbreak, players should consider using the new Defender weapons. These have incredibly high base damage stats, allowing you to deal a lot of damage to monsters, effectively rinsing through early-game fights. However, these do drop off in power given they boast no additional advantages like decoration slots, elemental bonuses, and other aspects that help you craft powerful builds.

As for the quests you must complete, the Village Quests will finish at about the 5-star quests. Progress must then be made via the Gathering Hub. In order to skip straight to 4-star Gathering Hub quests, players should complete the Special Licence Tests, which tasks you with hunting several monsters at once.

When you finally gain access to Gathering Hub 7-star hunts, complete 5 of these quests to unlock the Serpent Goddess of Thunder quest. This is the final boss fight against Thunder Serpent Narwa. Once she is defeated, you will be notified that Sunbreak is unlocked and you can travel to Elgado Outpost. Stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more information to help you on your journey.

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