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Weekend Discussion - June 25, 2022

It's Saturday, you know what that means! Weekend Discussion is back.


Happy Saturday Shack readers! We've just passed the longest day of the year and Summer is in full swing. Join me for a hot & ready edition of Weekend Discussion!  I want to take a moment to address that given the current news that brought the end of over 50 years of established precedence was overturned yesterday that that this weekend is more solemn than many of us expected. Take time to take care of yourself and also be easier on yourself when it comes to getting through the day to day.

The FGC is back outside with Combo Breaker and now CEO 2022!

The 24 hr table top room I have a feeling is gonna be packed this weekend. Picture for scale

— Alex Jebailey (@Jebailey) June 22, 2022

For those of us looking for something to positive to focus on at this time, CEO 2022, one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the country is fully under way right now. There's plenty of awesome action to look forward to and as usual, Alex Jebailey is making sure that all of the side activities are also a blast as well.

While there is an AEW pay-Per-View happening Sunday night that keeps some surprise appearances from probably happening this time around, I'm happy to see the tournament be a success coming out of a rough lockdown and pandemic period.  There's nothing like an offline tournament experience, as shown by the highlights from CEO 2021 as you can see in the video below: 

Guilty Gear continues it's massive year with the most registrants by a massive margin at this year's CEO tournament. Combo Breaker had similar results which shows that the community is both growing but also very supportive when it comes to the growth of the scene. Also, with Street Fighter 6 on the horizon next year, this is probably one of the last opportunities to see some high level Street Fighter 5 before the transitional period begins. We still have EVO and Capcom Cup of course but some of the usual Fall festivities are in question as of right now. Tekken 7 also has a stacked pool with majority of the Top 18 matchups decided tonight. Fighting games can be really inspiring and it's awesome to see folks come together like this. Even our own Bryan Lefler was feeling it while watching some of these awesome Tekken matches. Shout out to our WWES guest Cuddle-Core for putting in some work so far!

There's also two of my favorite games on the tournament list that I'm very excited to watch the highlights of. Def Jam: Fight for NY and Capcom vs SNK 2 are getting some serious love this year. 

Take some time to tune in to Top 8 for majority of titles tommorow as there's still plenty of hype for the stream monsters to enjoy as well. 

In Case You Missed It...

We had an incredible month and specifically an incredible week of exclusive content and live performances last week during our Shacknews E6 event.

I had a few more things to highlight as it was such a stacked few days. For starters, I am loving what I have seen recently from Thirsty Suitors. The game recently won Best of Show at the Tribeca festival event and we had an exclusive interview with Outerloop Game's co-founder Chandana Ekanayake. Check out a clip below and watch the entire conversation " target="_blank" rel="noopener">here.

Also there was the exclusive reveal of the new game Slave Zero X which surprised a ton of people and is going to give folks a new way to play a side scrolling action game with air combos and moves you see in games like Guilty Gear keeping the combat dynamic. Watch a clip below and the entire interview with the team here.

There were some amazing moments during the Indie Showcase as well. The team all had their favorite picks from the show which you can see in last week's ShackChat but I also want to bring some attention to the 10 min gameplay segment from Lost in Play. The game hit the scene over a year ago during last year's Wholesome Games Showcase and the great folks at Happy Juice Games gave us exclusive gameplay to show off during the E6 event that you can watch below. Also feel free to wishlist the game on Steam here

If you want to see what else you may have missed during the E6 Indie Showcase. Our own Morgan Shaver has you covered! They were crucial to making this event happen and you can get a better look at every game shown here.

This week, the team also had some fun with the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, Shredder's Revenge. Check out the review here. We got to play the game together as part of this week's episode of Big Team Building. Check out some of the action below.

You can watch the Shack Staff play the entire game and roll credits by watching the YouTube VOD here. TURTLE POWER!

Sonic Frontiers has plenty of us wondering if the open world elements are fleshed out enough or truly going to impress fans of the SEGA character. We recently sat down with Sonic Team's Creative Officer Takashi Iizuka to talk about Sonic Frontiers' gameplay, world design & even Shadow the Hedgehog!

And now...The Internet.

Plenty of us are pretty excited to have more Resident Evil: Village to look forward to with the Shadows of Rose DLC announced. A few of you may want Tall Vampie Lady to chokeslam you but that's not the kind of immersive experience Capcom is promising with VR plans announced. 

What would you like to see these two cook up? 

Well now I can't unsee it. 

I would commit to a life with PlayStation if it meant a remastered version of Bloodborne was hitting PS5 and PC. Til Death do us part. Fear the Old Blood.

This was too damn accurate. 

More Bloodborne because I love it and everyone should be able to love who they want by the way. Nuff said.

A type of pain that I'm familar with in relationships.

Speaking of DP's. Nothing like a lil shoto action in a classic between father and daughter. Love to see it! 

I would like a game to try to replicate this amount of terror as I've never been chased by a bear before but can reliably say that my chances of surviving this situation would have been way lower. 

Steph solidied his legacy last week with another NBA Championship. So don't forget that folks can get got anywhere on the court! 

Let's end this segment with some cuteness. Tired of doomscrolling? Catch more cute pets being adorable on Shackpets

Weekend Vibes

We had some amazing performances last week during E6 and it is a great time to revisit those to hopefully lift some spirits. 

America may frustrate the heck out of plenty of us for different reasons from time to time but Guile's Theme is the one form of patriotism that I think will always slap. Lacey Johnson hit us with an amazing rendition of the jam during her E6 performance. Watch the entire hour-long set here

Also it was great having the one and only Mega Ran dropping bangers to close out the show. I still can't get over how awesome this Shacknews lyrical moment was so I've been sharing the clip all week! Catch the full performance by this dope artist here

I hope that you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. Be kind to eachother and I'll see you all next week. If you need some feel good energy in your life, swipe around on our free app Shackpets. Peace!

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