Hideyuki Shin reveals a wealth of Deathverse details in exclusive interview

Whether the game will be free-to-play, what sort of ties there are to Let It Die, what Hideyuki Shin's favorite weapon is, and more!

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Fans of Let It Die are getting a brand new treat to sink their teeth into in the form of Deathverse. While it’s being developed by the same team under a different studio name (from Grasshopper Manufacture to Supertrick Games), the game isn’t a sequel to Let It Die.

Instead, Deathverse is a spin-off title in the form of a melee-focused battle royale with similar aesthetics to Let It Die, some returning characters, and familiar features like weapon crafting. With this setup, Let It Die players will certainly find plenty to enjoy, while newcomers won’t feel left out, even if they’ve never played Let It Die before.

To learn more about the inner workings of Deathverse, we recently interviewed Let It Die and Deathverse director Hideyuki Shin.

We threw a number of questions his way, with some noteworthy ones among them being whether Deathverse will be free-to-play like Let It Die, information about the Hunters and whether they’re related to the Jackals in Let It Die, and what Hideyuki Shin’s favorite weapon is in Deathverse.

A lot of information is shared, so if you’re curious about Deathverse be sure to check out the full interview. We also have a written interview with Hideyuki Shin about Deathverse and why it's not Let It Die 2 that you can read, along with an interview with Akira Yamaoka on his approach to the Deathverse soundtrack.

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