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Evening Reading - June 16, 2022

It's been another incredible day of Shacknews E6, but now it's time to wind down with another round of Evening Reading.


Welcome to the end of Thursday, June 16, Shackers. We’ve had another day-long blast bringing you a tidal wave of incredible exclusive content, but now it’s nighttime in America. We’re closing up shop and invite you to join us as we close out another day of posting with the latest edition of Evening Reading. Join us, won’t you?

In Case You Missed It At Shacknews…

And now… Other stuff from The Internet!!!

Look at this cat’s “hoodie”

Very proud kitty. You look good in your… uh… hoodie.

Strive to have as much drip as Gengar

Still one of the coolest Pokemon, and an original at that.

Trying to make Sonic Frontiers look like a Sonic game

Just some lush color would be nice. The cartoon sound effects fit, though.

CD Projekt knows good open world games

Game recognizes good game. Good on CDPR for knowing the truth.

Concepting non-solutions to traffic jams

It’s funny that we go out of our way to design rich people workarounds to traffic jams instead of… you know… fixing traffic jams.


Elon Musk takes on a capybara in court

Personally, I’ve seen how flimsy Musk is in most things. I’m going with the capybara, whatever its case is.

We could all use some supportive Kiryu

He might be a bad ass, but he’s got a heart of gold, and that’s just what Mr. Masters needs right now.

And that covers our Evening Reading for this fine June 16, 2022. Thank you for checking it out. If you’d like to support Shacknews, don’t forget to check Mercury, where you can drop as little as a dollar a month to keep the fun going strong! If you don’t have a dollar to spend, you can also check out Shackpets for free on iOS and Android to engage in the ultimate battle of cute pet pics. It’s there you’ll find cute and cool critters like my sweet little Silo, AKA Flaff.

If you don't vote for Flaff on Shackpets, she will have no choice but to silently judge you from her comfy blanket.
If you don't vote for Flaff on Shackpets, she will have no choice but to silently judge you from her comfy blanket.

And that’s that, Shackers. We hope you’ve enjoyed E6 so far. What are you up to tonight? Sound off in the Shacknews Chatty section below!

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