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Shacknews E6 2022: Superfuse interview on its hack-and-slash action and deep tech tree

Learn more about some of the customization and personalization options available in Superfuse, along with the game's fun hack-and-slash action.


As part of the Shacknews E6 2022 digital event, the team conducted interviews with a plethora of developers on a wide variety of games, including Superfuse from Stitch Heads Entertainment.

In terms of what sort of game Superfuse is, it’s a hack-and-slash Action RPG that can be played solo or with up to 4 other players and boasts a ton of customization options. Not to mention, a nice assortment of enemies to and bosses to fight.

On the game’s official Steam page, Superfuse is described as follows:

Visually, you can definitely see the comic art inspirations and it’s exciting to see all the work the developers poured in when it comes to things like personalizing things to your preferred playstyle.

For more on this, the game’s development, and other gameplay aspects you can look forward to in Superfuse, be sure to check out the full interview. If you like what the developers are doing with Superfuse, make sure you wishlist the game on Steam. In doing so, you can support the developers, and stay up-to-date on things like when Superfuse will be released.

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