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Shacknews E6 2022: Cassette Beasts interview on collectible monsters and Fusion System

Collect and battle monsters, and fuse monsters together to create new fusion forms in the upcoming open-world RPG, Cassette Beasts.


As part of the Shacknews E6 2022 digital event, the team did a wealth of interviews with a wide variety of developers, including one with Bytten Studio, the team working on Cassette Beasts.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Cassette Beasts, it’s an upcoming open-world RPG packed to the brim with monster collecting and turn-based battling. On Steam, the game is described as follows:

To learn even more about those key aspects of Cassette Beasts, among many others, be sure to check out the full interview. And, if you’re looking forward to playing the game for yourself and want to stay up-to-date on things like release date information, don’t forget to wishlist Cassette Beasts on Steam.

And for more from Shacknews E6 2022, also be sure to scope out our interview with the devs working on the upcoming System Shock remake.

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